Conceived initially to respond to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in the spirit of synodality, the Habikasan Project is now slowly becoming a reality. 

Habi means “to weave,” signifying a distinct Claretian feature and the spirit of communal act, and kasan from “kalikasan” represents Claret School of Quezon City’s effort on the promotion of environmental consciousness shared with other Claret Schools in the joint effort to actualize Red Goes Green Program of the Association of Claret Schools in the Philippines, Inc. (ACSPI).



The project symbolizes the Claretian’s synodal effort to promote environmental awareness while aiming to achieve a more excellent vision of a school community that has integrated ecological spirituality and transformative lifestyles through a collaborative project.  Prompted by the Office of the School Director, this was launched last October 23, during the 56th CSQC Foundation Anniversary, in close coordination with the Faith Education and Enrichment Department (FEED) and the Environmental Awareness Club and Gardening Club members.


The Launching of Habikasan with Fr. Mau Ulep, CMF, School Director



    1. Raise Awareness: Through various activities and initiatives, we aim to educate our students, faculty, and the broader community about pressing environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and waste management.
    2. Inspire Action: We seek to inspire individuals to take concrete actions towards environmental sustainability within the school premises and in their personal lives. Small changes can make a big difference, and we want to empower everyone to be agents of positive change.
    3. Foster Collaboration: Our campaign emphasizes the importance of collaboration and collective action. By working together, we can amplify our impact and create meaningful change on a larger scale.

The Launching



With this comprehensive environmental campaign, which aims to foster a sustainable future for generations, the Environmental Awareness Club has initiated significant activities to achieve its purpose.

Habikasan recently launched its first podcast, "Usapang Habikasan,” featuring guests from within and outside the Claretian community hosted by Aegis Bernardo, Marvin Figueroa, Kurt Pioc, and Miro Tagnia.

Usapang Habikasan just launched its first episode featuring the Claret School of Maluso’s dynamic activity coordinator, Mr. Glendon Roda Carolasan, and some representatives from the CSM Student Body. It was also attended by our ever-dynamic School Director, Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF,  a supportive alumnus, Mr. Kirk Mara, and the presence of the Faith Education and Enrichment Department Coordinator, Fr. Vuong H. Nguyen, CMF, Ma. Corazon T. Reños, in charge of the Community Extension Services, Ms. Karen Masukbol, Environmental Awareness Club Moderator, and other club members.



This podcast will feature a series of conversations about the environment, ranging from individual practices and community experiences that aim to achieve a more excellent vision of a community with integrated ecological spirituality and transformative lifestyles. The podcast's purpose is to seek and promote different ways for the sustainability and environmental consciousness of the Claretian communities.

We aim to raise awareness and leave a legacy of environmental stewardship within our school community. Through future initiatives and partnerships with local environmental organizations, we strive to continue our journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.


The Nurturing Nature: Native Tree Fundraiser Booth during Foundation Week, where Claretians were engaged in interactive SDG-related activities as part of our fund-raising project.

An Upcycling Activity during STEM Week last February was a competition of creative minds who had to upcycle products in exchange for donations



  1. Mangrove Reforestation Campaign Drive: We kick off our campaign with Mangrove Reforestation Activity in collaboration with Claret School of Maluso, where students, teachers, and staff engage in mangrove reforestation. This not only helps in carbon sequestration but also enhances the greenery of our surroundings.
  2. Waste Reduction Challenge: We launch a waste reduction challenge encouraging everyone to minimize waste generation, practice proper waste segregation, and explore creative ways to repurpose or recycle materials. Prizes are awarded to individuals or classes with the most innovative waste-reduction strategies.
  3. Environmental Workshops and Talks: Throughout the week, we organize workshops and talks conducted by environmental experts, covering topics such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and eco-friendly lifestyle choices.
  4. Campus Clean-up Day: Students participate in a campus clean-up day where they pick up litter, remove invasive species, and beautify the school grounds. This activity instills a sense of ownership and responsibility toward maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
  5. Sustainable Living Exhibition: Our campaign highlights the sustainable living exhibition, where students showcase projects and initiatives promoting sustainability. From eco-friendly inventions to sustainable fashion designs, the exhibition serves as a platform to celebrate creativity and innovation in environmental conservation.

As we look forward to a future where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, let us pledge to make a difference together, one tree planted, one piece of litter picked up, and one sustainable habit adopted at a time. This foundation day, let us all come together to green our foundation and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.




Environmental consciousness is a guiding light in the quest for a more sustainable future, illuminating the path toward a healthier, more harmonious relationship with the planet. Through a comprehensive approach to ecological education grounded in awareness, empathy, and action, we can cultivate a generation of individuals aware of our world's challenges and empowered to be part of the solution.



Together, let us nurture the seeds of environmental consciousness and watch them blossom into a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Let us contribute to the reforestation of mangroves, an essential part of our ecosystem. Mangroves serve as a habitat for a wide variety of marine life and protect our shores from erosion caused by natural disasters. We believe that mangrove reforestation is a green solution to climate change. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute