Claret School of Quezon City held its Grade 10 Senior High School Program Orientation on January 26, 2024, at the Gonzalez Hall. The event aimed to provide essential information to Grade 10 students as they prepare to embark on their Senior High School journey.



Mrs. Razerly Ibañez, MAEd., the Principal, delivered the opening remarks, emphasizing the significance of making informed decisions about the academic tracks available in Senior High School. Mrs. Ibañez encouraged the students to reflect on their interests and goals, highlighting the transformative nature of the Senior High School experience.



Following the opening remarks, Mr. Ralph Martin Mascareñas, the Senior High School Assistant Principal, took the stage to present the various academic track strands offered at Claret School. Mr. Mascareñas delved into the curriculum specifics and provided insights into the diverse club and organization offerings available for students.



The Senior High School Guidance Facilitator, Mr. Ceasar Ian Pangan, addressed frequently asked questions about Senior High School, shedding light on aspects such as work immersion and the grading system.



Adding a personal touch to the orientation, testimonials from Senior High School students and alumni were shared, offering valuable insights into the Claret School Senior High School experience. These testimonials provided a glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and personal growth that students can expect during their Senior High School years.



Mr. Greg Binag, the Student Affairs and Formation Coordinator for Grades 9-10, delivered the closing remarks, synthesizing the key points discussed during the orientation. Mr. Binag reiterated the importance of active participation, collaboration, and resilience throughout the Senior High School journey.



As part of the next steps, students were informed about the necessity of accomplishing a pre-enlistment form to know their preferred track and strand in Senior High School. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute


Photos: Tanglaw ng Claret