In view of their future, the Grade 11 students were accompanied in their discernment on their career path. The Student Development Center (SDC) invited professionals from different fields to share their college and job experiences. This is to help the Grade 11 students in their decision-making. Among those who were present during the forum were alumni and parents.



The Career Forum which was held last February 26, 2024 aimed to motivate the students to pursue college, help them evaluate their career interests and aspirations and accompany them in their continuing search for a particular college or university to which they could apply. It is through such forums that students are made to understand the educational requirements, training, job responsibilities, and other pertinent information on their occupational interests.



Through the said forum, the Grade 11 Claretian students were able to appreciate the presence of a support network of adult mentors who are willing and ready to help them in reaching their goals. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute


Photos: Joesei Mikael G. Castro