As collaborators in the mission impelled to be audacious, the CSQC Personnel had their 2nd Integration Day Program this school year last January 27, 2024. With Fr. Thadeu Enrique N. Balongag, the former Superintendent and Chair of the Commission on Catholic Education of the Diocese of Dumaguete as the resource speaker, the members of the faculty and staff reflected on missionary audacity which grows with excellence.


Fr. Thadeu Enrique N. Balongag


As a backdrop, Fr. Balongag presented St. Anthony Mary Claret as a model of Christian life. He presented Claret as a person whose life was centered on charity and whose mission was geared towards social transformation nurtured through a life of prayer. Along the path of audacity, Fr. Balongag led the Claretian personnel to emulate St. Anthony Mary Claret in building better lives and communities following the key phases which include Visioning, Structuring, Nurturing and Transforming.




With the ongoing formation program like the Integration Day Program which is part of the FEED’s Pastoral Project, the Claretian personnel are accompanied to live the spirit of mission like St. Anthony Mary Claret. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute