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1.1 What curriculum will be offered?

Claret School of Quezon City offers a curriculum based on the DepEd’s most essential learning competencies. Christian Living Education and the entire program of the Faith Education and Enrichment Department shall still be in place to ensure the integration of academic excellence and Claretian Values. All these are delivered through Claret Operative Distance Education or the CODE.

 1.2 What platform shall be used?

CSQC uses the cloud-based Microsoft 365 as the teaching-learning platform. Orientation on the use of this platform and onboarding is scheduled with students and parents before the start of the academic year.

 1.3 To what extent and in what Grade Level will parent assistance be required?

Parent assistance will be required from Junior Nursery Level to Grade 3 Level. However, it is recommended that parents should closely collaborate with the teachers in all levels for a better learning experience of the students.

 1.4 Will the distance education of the School be in full scale for one school year?

Yes, the Claret Operative Distance Education (CODE) is in full scale for the entire school year.

Click here for the Grade School CODE. Click here for the High School CODE.