As school year 2023-2024 commenced, the Student Development Center (SDC) held two relevant activities to prepare the Grade 12 Students in choosing the career path that they would follow in college. The Grade 12 College Orientation Program aimed to introduce to the students what college life is all about; for them to be familiar with the different college admission requirements and procedures and for the students to learn about the academic programs, scholarships, campus resources, student support services, and programs of invited colleges and universities.



To achieve the abovementioned objectives, a Navigation Seminar was held with Guidance NGO last August 14, 2023 in the morning. The said seminar, facilitated by Mr. Jose Marie Flores, aimed to address the various reasons why some students struggle with career decision-making and how these decisions affect their future, especially at a crucial period when they have to chart their career paths carefully. In the afternoon of the same day, a College Orientation from top universities (ADMU, DLSU and UST) was conducted.



On August 16, the Grade 12 College Fair was organized at the Gallardo Auditorium. Forty-eight (48) colleges and universities participated in the said activity in partnership with United School Marketers and Admissions of the Philippines. The students were given the opportunity to learn more about the different academic programs, scholarships, campus resources and student services and programs of the different participating colleges and universities.



With the SDC’s Career Guidance Program, the Grade 12 students are ensured that they are well-informed and prepared during the college application season and are ready to navigate in the college application process.