On April 12,2023 the Little Chefs Club held its culminating activity with a parent resource speaker. Mrs. Jenelyn P. Gonzales, a parent from Grade 4- Marian generously shared her expertise and resources to the Grade 3 Little Chefs Club members.



Before the demo-workshop, Mrs. Gonzales presented a brief historical and cultural background of bento boxes in Japan. Afterwards, she taught the club members how to assemble different elements (food items) in the box to make it visually appealing and for them to have a balanced meal. Each club member thereafter created a unique bento box which suited their individual tastes and preferences, which they excitedly brought home.



According to Mrs. Gonzales, spending time with the young Claretians was her way of giving back to Claret School of Quezon City, where her two sons, Andrei Loius from Grade 4-Marian and Zekiel Rey from Grade 6-Immaculate Conception are enjoying quality Catholic education.



The highly engaging culminating activity for the Little Chefs Club was another manifestation of the strong partnership and collaboration between the home and the school. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute