To accompany the faculty and staff of CSQC in their spiritual preparations for the Holy Week especially for the Paschal Triduum, the School during its Integration Day Program last March 25, 2023 conducted a Lenten Recollection facilitated by the Parish Priest of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Fr. Julius “Jay” Coching, CMF. Fr. Jay accompanied the personnel along the journey from suffering to sacrifice and encouraged everyone to reflect on Jesus Christ’s journey from Gethsemane to Calvary. Further during the morning recollection, Fr. Jay challenged everyone to draw strength from their relationships, to accept reality and to find reason in their sufferings. Turning each suffering into sacrifice, Fr. Jay added that one has to find purpose in his or her suffering as witnessed by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Anthony Mary Claret.



At 2:30 in the afternoon, amidst the scorching heat, the CSQC personnel gathered for the Institutional Way of the Cross. The community, in prayer and reflection, went around the campus as they meditated on the passion of Jesus Christ at each station of the Cross.



With these spiritual activities, the Claretian employees were able to prepare themselves to celebrate the Paschal Mysteries. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute