Part of the accompaniment being done by CSQC Student Development Center for the High School Students is organizing Career Seminars which aim to prepare them for their career paths. 

Last December 5, 2022 the Grade 10 students had “Choices: A Grade 10 Career Seminar”. The activity equipped the students with more information regarding the different strands in Senior High School and other pertinent information related to SHS. The preparations needed for SHS were also discussed so that the Grade 10 students will know what to expect when they get to the next level. 


On January 16, 2023 the Grades 11 and 12 had their turn through “Adaptation:  A Senior High School Career Seminar”. The seminar assisted the SHS students in knowing their prospective schools in college. It also helped them in knowing   what to consider while looking for the best school where they can pursue their chosen career paths. 

The guest speaker in both seminars was Mr. Serafin C. Geronimo, Jr., the Career Educator and Director for Communications of Guidance NGO.