The CSQC PTA-sponsored raffle draw entitled Through Love and Generosity: The Claretian Spirit of Christmas was held last Friday, February 3 at 3:00 in the afternoon. The live event was held at the CSQC Audio-Visual Room and was livestreamed through MS Teams.



In his message, Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF, the School Director emphasized that “This raffle draw is not simply about fund raising but more of sharing for the sake of those who need assistance especially the members of the faculty, staff, and Claretian families and also the recipients of the Claretian Mission especially those in the peripheries. This act of collaboration speaks much about synodality where everyone should have been part of this endeavor.”

Fr. Mau expressed his gratitude to the CSQC PTA Board who continued the project amidst some setbacks. The generosity of those who supported the raffle draw project was also affirmed.



Joining the CSQC PTA Committee on Ways and Means, some members of the CSQC PTA Board headed by the President, Mr. Brigham Yague, were present during the said raffle draw where winning items included grocery packs, some gadgets, iPads, computer sets, and two grand prizes of 50,000 pesos each.



Hosted by Ms. Mellen Del Mundo and Ms. Samantha Louise Carimpong who are faculty members in the English Area, the raffle draw event was made engaging with some members of the school community present onsite and online. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute