Claret School of Quezon City commits to uphold the integrity of creation and champion the environment through a waste reduction and cleanliness campaign. To help in this initiative, the school advocates the reusable container policy, which bans disposable and single-use items in the school premises.

Beginning June, the canteens will no longer use plastic straws, plastic utensils, disposable containers or cups. Students dining inside the canteen may use the glasses, plates, and metal utensils provided by the canteen. When taking our food and drink, each one has to bring personal food and drink container.

To further help in the cleanliness campaign, students should follow the no-wrapper policy being promoted regarding the bringing of baon. Bringing of food in reusable containers is advised and encouraged. The Clean-as- You-Go Advocacy must also be observed at all times.

In compliance with and in addition to the Quezon City  government's Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance, the school already has a policy of banning "sando" bags, "labo" plastic and other take-out plastic bags (no handle), and Styrofoam/Styropor or other similar polystyrene materials in the canteens.

The School Community is urged to champion the environment and avoid disposable and single-use items in general