The Nursery and Kindergarten levels held their in-person Family Day, #sportsdaywithfambam, last February 11, 2023. Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, School Director, Fr. Wigbert Papa, FEED Coordinator, and Fr. Charles Jocris Mortela, Spiritual Director, presided over the mass for the community.



Mrs. Razerly D. Ibañez, the Principal, welcomed everyone to this event giving her message to parents and children alike.



The parents, guardians, and children participated in the activities like listening to storytelling, posing for a picture, dancing, and playing games. Mrs. Paulyn Datu, a parent, enthusiastically told a story and engaged the families in story-based activities. Families talked about the story among themselves. The children shared their favorite parts of the story as well. Families created a scene showing their favorite sports engaging parents and children in sports. To keep everyone on their toes, the attendees danced and enjoyed the creative movements prepared by the teachers. These activities aimed to continuously provide and support students’ learning opportunities in a fun and meaningful way with the family.



The little Claretians were grateful for having supportive and generous parents. More than the snacks and prizes shared with them, the time, attention, and love from their families and the Claretian community made them more blessed and fortunate.

The Nursery-Kinder family day was a success due to the collaborative efforts of all parents, CSPTA officers, volunteers, CSQC  teachers, staff, and administrators.  #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute