To complement the CSQC’s Learning Continuity Plan called the Claret Operative Distance Education (CODE), the Student Development Center (SDC) continues to provide mental health and socio-emotional support services and activities to students, parents, and teachers in the new educational context.

For this school year, the SDC offers the following support programs and services:

  1. The SDC Online Check-In wherein interview sessions will be held during non-academic and consultation periods ;
  2. Counseling and Referral Services which will nurture student well-being by providing a safe space to share and discuss personal experiences, concerns and issues within a culture of support;
  3. Follow-up Service to monitor student behavior and progress and to evaluate if intervention is effective and successful;
  4. Virtual Conference with teachers and parents to better understand and address the current and unique needs of students;
  5. Group Guidance Period (GGP) consists of activities aimed to protect and nurture students’ well-being and to address their socio-emotional needs during this challenging time;
  6. Webinars for students, teachers and parents to raise awareness on mental health issues and to foster their well-being;
  7. Online Testing and Assessment which will be aligned to the current needs of the students.


Aside from these services, the Student Development Center continues to journey with the CSQC students and personnel by providing helpful tips on how to cope with online classes and how to balance life and work.