Claret School of Quezon City (CSQC) invited speakers from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to engage school service drivers, conductors and operators in a one-day seminar called "Road Safety/Defensive Driving" at the CSQC Audio-Visual Room (AVR) on Saturday, 30 June 2018.

Speakers from the LTO, Ms. Beverly C. Sabela, Mr. Allan L. Garcia, and Mr. Rodelio B. Nicdao explained the role of their office, refreshed participants’ knowledge of road signs and traffic regulations, and emphasized that driver discipline is key to having safe roads and smooth traffic. 

They encouraged drivers to take pride in their profession and to be aware of the privilege they have in taking care of the lives of their passengers, especially students.  As Ms. Sabela said several times, “Accidents can be prevented because they can be predicted.”

While the seminar focused mainly on drivers, the Traffic Safety Division (TSD) speakers also gave inputs for conductors and operators.  They suggested a code of conduct for riders as well as a set of rules for drivers and conductors.  They emphasized the responsibilities of a conductor. They also provided valuable information for operators and vehicle owners  and gave tips that are useful such as strategies for dealing with stress.

Everyone who attended gained useful knowledge and practical information. The seminar ended with a short inspirational talk on goal-setting.