On February 7, 2022, the Student Development Center (SDC) sponsored a career talk for the Grade 11 students. This annual activity aimed to enlighten the students on their possible career choices. Through the invited speakers, they were able to acquire knowledge and skills on how to explore possible careers. The activity provided direction for the students to identify the qualities that make them unique (personality), their interests and their values as well as their abilities. These are all major considerations in choosing a college major and eventually their future career.

For this school year, the list of speakers was composed of some alumni and a parent. They shared and talked about their careers – education and work experiences to motivate and inspire the students in reaching their own dream career.

Through this activity, the Grade 11 students were able to meet and interact with the invited professionals from different fields. The Career Talk was a great opportunity for the students to learn more about the preparations they have to make as they enter college and the world of work.