Navigating online education during the past school year was indeed a challenge to all the stakeholders of Claret School of Quezon City. The home has become the physical venue of learning as teachers remotely accompanied the students. The virtual campus experience was not at all easy but Claretians were relentlessly led to embrace knowledge that is best with virtue.

As CSQC begins school year 2021-2022, the educational journey continues along an unchartered path. Through the virtual campus platform powered by Microsoft 365, CSQC further enhances the use of the Claret Operative Distance Education (CODE) to empower the students as they keep learning. The CODE is the operative plan of the School which targets the most essential learning competencies and ensures appropriate impact on students. 

Each unit of the School has designed and updated the CODE which will be implemented relative to the present context. Like the previous school year, formation and student services will be provided to all students to help implement the academic and non- academic programs in the school. The services provided by the Student Development Center (SDC), the Instructional Media Center (IMC) and the Faith Education and Enrichment Department (FEED) and the school clinic aim to address the cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every Claretian.


With the investment made by the School on the virtual campus using the Microsoft 365 and with the continuous professional training of the faculty and staff, the Claret Operative Distance Education remains relevant and effective in ensuring quality student online learning accompanied by virtue.