The Claret Robotics Team winners in the 19thPhilippine Robotics Olympiad presented their trophies and medals to Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF.


The 19th Virtual Philippine Robotics Olympiad which was held from October 19-23 ended with a big bang for the Claretian delegation. In the early events, the Senior High Regular Team A composed of Team Captain Luis Miguel N. TeranWayne Ansel D. Tinio and Juancho Carmelo P. Rifareal won 5th place. The mission is to create a robot that modernizes the network within a city by installing new wireless node devices and establishing an optical network between them. Future IT networks face challenges such as holographic video conferencing, driverless cars, and interactive robots, just to name a few of the options that are expected to occur in the near future.

This year’s varsity team wanted to defend its crown as the reigning number one Robot soccer team in the country, however, the varsity lineup was depleted when two of its important players Jan-Kristopher Cuevasand Alaric S. Espina graduated from senior high and only Juan Gabriel Flores who is still in the 10thgrade remained in last year’s formidable lineup. These astonishing Claretians won two national championships and a silver medal which brought them to world robotics championships in Costa Rica, Thailand and Hungary.  It’s a feat that would be very hard to replicate. Added to this, due to the COVID19 pandemic, games will have to be held on a virtual platform and the robot soccer was not included in the event instead, it was replaced by sumo-bot competition. The sumo-bot competition is an event wherein a school’s man-made designed and programmed robot will have to compete against an AI (Artificial Intelligence robot).

On the final day of the tournament, an unexpected thing happened, to the astonishment of the judges and viewers, Claret School of Quezon City swept all the top awards at stake in the sumo-bot event!

The Gold went to Arcee John Benedicto, Grade 12; Silver went to Juan Gabriel A. Flores, Grade 10; Bronze went to Joseph Lance M. Adviento, Grade 10; Fourth place: Ethan Jadrie Penos, Grade 7; 5thplace: Vincent Angelo Cunanan, Grade 12,  and 7thplace: Xian Karl V. Rimando, Grade 7.  

Special thanks goes to the other robotics team members who participated namely: Jan Marc Emmanuel F. Bautista, Dominic Aaron V. Elayda, Jose Raphael R. Grayda, Sean Axel I. Vargas, Romildale S. Cuevas and Kean Alexis Icasiano.

It’s an awesome gift from the Claretian roboticists to the 53rd founding anniversary celebration of Claret School of Quezon City.  The top 3 sumo-bot players and 5thplace Senior regular category players will represent the Philippines in the Virtual Robot Games organized by Panama and the World Robot Olympiad organized by Canada.

Arcee John BenedictoSumo-bot Gold Medalist



Juan Gabriel A. Flores | Sumo-bot Silver Medalist


Joseph Lance M. AdvientoSumo-bot Bronze Medalist



Ethan Jadrie Penos | Fourth Place


Vincent Angelo Cunanan | Fifth Place



Xian Karl V. Rimando | Seventh Place



Juancho Carmelo P. Rifareal5th Place Sr. Regular Category



Luis Miguel N. Teran5th Place Sr. Regular Category


Wayne Ansel D. Tinio | 5th place Sr. Regular Category


 You can watch the highlight of their matches by clicking on this link: