(A Reflection by Miss Agnes Galapon)


Ms. Agnes P. Galapon as Service Awardee for her 30th Year in Service in Claret School 


Being one with the Claretian Missionaries in the mission to evangelize through integral formation as expressed in the philosophy and vision of Claret School of Quezon City, it is necessary that we, the CSQC personnel, as collaborators in the ministry must be accompanied to journey according to the Claretian Missionary Spirituality.

Through the Integration Day Program, this formative path is integrally designed and well-elaborated. As members of the missionary community, we continue this journey as we are accompanied by the Claretian Missionaries towards a deeper engagement in the missionary spirit.

A glimpse of the history of the Claretians and their missionary presence in the world and particularly in the Philippines was presented during the first integration day. With emphasis on the Claretian identity as missionaries to the peripheries and on the joy of living in Claretian community, we were awed at the life and mission of the Claretians. In our hope to be one with the Claretian mission in CSQC, we drafted our desires and dreams for the School community.

During the second integration day, there was a mirroring of the state of Claret School of Quezon Citybased on our hopes and dreams and on our remarks and feedbacks. This day, we journeyed in a communal reflection and diagnosis especially on interpersonal relationship as we desire to build a community of disciples.

To help us embrace the dignity of work and see human labor as ministry in the service of others, the third integration day accompanied us to reflect on our tasks and responsibilities in School. Three points were given emphasis: first, looking at work as part of a greater mission; second, looking at work as  a means to serve others; and third, looking at work as a visible sign of communion.

The fourth integration day was focused on “Charting the Path of Spiritual Formation.”We were reminded that Loveis the starting point of our Spiritual itinerary which is expressed within the context of relationship. We were invited to deepen our experiences where Loveoperates. At the end, we were guided to have a proper understanding of what Christian Spirituality is.

As we were led to a Spirituality which is a “relationship or friendship with God”, the fifth integration day made us appreciate the friendship God has with us that leads to holiness. This call to holiness is an invitation for us to share in the holiness of biblical figures and the saints especially St. Anthony Mary Claret and the Claretian Martyrs.

The sixth integration day focused on “Spirituality as an Experience of God”. This was a moment for us to review our individual experiences that draw us to God. Such religious experiences are integrally part of our daily experiences which dynamically challenge us to a life of conversion.

Related to this religious experience, we reflected during the seventh integration day on “Spirituality as Calling from God”.Besides the call to holiness, the call to service was highlighted to us. The spiritual and corporal works of Mercy were given importance as we were challenged to deny ourselves and make sacrifices as we embrace the cross of Christ.

As the new school year begins and as we continue the mission entrusted to us, we journey as one Claretian community of Claret School of Quezon City, in the missionary spiritual path fully embracing the formative dimension of the Integration Day Program.