The Claret School Child Study Center culminated the school year 2021-2022 with the Virtual Moving Up Program last May 14, 2022, via MS TEAMS Live Event. The program with the theme “I am the future. We salute you!” was a tribute to all community helpers who continue to serve the country in their chosen vocation with the passion to help others.

During this annual event, the young Claretians from the Child Study Center received their merits of achievements and accomplishments for an entire year filled with perseverance and hard work. The entire Claretian community witnessed eight (8) Junior Nursery students, thirty-eight (38) Senior Nursery students, and sixty-one (61) Kinder students move up to the next level.

The program began with an opening prayer led by selected students from the different levels. Mr. Danilo V. Lemi, the Grade School Principal, gave the welcome address.

During the program, the students were given recognition for their various achievements. They also performed intermission numbers. The Junior Nursery students performed “Do Not Give Up” to inspire others to go on with life amidst challenges. The Senior Nursery students entertained and reminded the virtual audience to see the beauty in one another and to appreciate God’s gifts with their song, “It’s a Beautiful Day”. On the other hand, the Kinder students performed “Happy Graduation Day” and “On My Way” to   express their need for guidance as they continue their journey as Claretians. Through these songs, the students expressed gratitude to those  who have helped them become the best that they can be.

To cap the event, Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF, the School Director gave his congratulatory message and blessed the students. In his message, Fr. Mau emphasized that… “The future may be totally different, and we may not have the best picture of it now; but preparing you for the future, we believe that you will be able to live beautiful lives with grace that goes beyond fear, with hope that goes beyond despair, and with love that goes beyond selfishness.”