4 May 2020


Dear Parents:


Easter peace!

It is our hope and prayer that everyone in your family is in the best of well-being amidst the crisis that we are in. We are trapped in this challenging moment brought about by CoVID-19; but we remain steadfast in faith—that the Risen Lord, the Good Shepherd, will lead us to a renewed life with courage. 

While there is uncertainty as the world continues to discover the cure for the disease and there is a need to care for the safety of each one especially our students, we shall continue with the mission to teach with the Claretian education.


  • New School Calendar

We intend to start virtual classes on August 3, 2020. The previously designed program for School Year 2020-2021 is being revised as curriculum and activities shall be re-aligned to adapt to the necessary changes. The said calendar shall be made available for guidance.


  • Report Cards

Grades have been finalized and the Office of the School Registrar shall proceed with the release of the report cards once we are able to establish the website portal for the e-report cards on May 18, 2020. Another protocol on the issuance of report cards shall be given by the Office of the School Registrar.


  • Online Registration and Payments

Our official website has already established the portal for online registration for new and old students. Another announcement shall be made on the schedule of fees and payment systems. Considering the economic impact of CoVID-19, we have decided to keep the old tuition rates and to make the necessary revision on other school fees.


  • Online Learning Platform and Services

Academic Administrators and teachers are continuously building the framework of online teaching and learning using the cloud-based software Microsoft Office 365. Other alternative delivery modes may be utilized as a support to the existing Office 365. Consultations with students and parents will continue as we determine the ways to support our stakeholders in our transition to the “new situation.”

Support services offered by the Faith Education and Enrichment Department, the Student Development Center, the Instructional Media Center, and the Clinic shall be made available online. All personnel in-charge of the said services are making the necessary shift to accompany the students, parents, and teachers.


  • Postponed Activities

The different postponed activities are being reviewed. Fees shall be reimbursed accordingly once we decide to forego these scheduled activities.


More updates will come ahead especially through our official website and Facebook account. Our portals at FB Messenger and at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. remain open for inquiries and messages.

The threats are pressing us but let us be assured that with our collaboration and with empowered leadership, we shall get through this crisis. Our academic teams have started attending webinars and other online trainings to make the necessary move to online teaching. Online collaboration meetings and discussions remain as strong sources of confidence for our teachers. The Office of the Human Resources Management and Development in coordination with the Office of the Finance Administrator continues to strategize how our personnel are supported, keeping them ever-ready to serve the students. 

We remain grateful that amidst the crisis, there are parents, alumni and student leaders who have initiated programs and projects of assistance for frontliners and for those affected by the ECQ. The School, too, has been in close collaboration with the Claretian Missionaries’ Contra CoVID-19 Project. These are all signs of hope that we have to keep as we move forward together.

Let the Heart of Mary remain as our haven of peace and comfort during these moments as we continue to fulfill the mission entrusted to us. May her maternal prayers and care protect us all from danger.

Be assured that the Claretian Missionaries remember you all in our daily Masses and prayers.

Scientia Maxime cum Virtute


With St. Anthony Mary Claret,