Members of the School Administration, teachers and staff, the Senior High School Community especially the Batch R, dear parents and guests, good afternoon.
Goodbye is oftentimes painful; however we cannot escape such reality as this is expedient in everyone’s life dynamic movement. While pain may be temporary at any transition stage, there is a pain that may be more agonizing—when the persons saying goodbye forget the memories that have been created during the moments of being together.
Remember dear Batch R that the memories you have with us here in Claret School of Quezon City are essential in leading you to the life God has designed and willed for you. Some of these memories may be challenging but we hope that you have become better with every experience of thorn in your life. Look at the cross of Christ; look at the martyrdom of the saints and the holy people; look at the heroism of the patriots; look at the sacrifices of your parents and teachers—-the world is full of many images about life that is challenged but never gives up. Keep these images in your memory. 
The bed of roses that you dream of will have meaning when you know that thorns are necessary realities in life. The fragrance of joy and hope will linger only when the courage to face adversities is in place. You have the courage Batch R, but remember not to misplace such courage. Have that courage that manifests virtue—-the courage to do good and be good even when many would press you down and you dry up in a state of apathy, chaos, and evil.  Bloom with the grace that comes from the goodness of God.
As we continue to journey with you, we pray that “the Lord will bless you and keep you; may His grace shine in and through you; and may you live in His peace now and forever. Amen”
Keep ablaze the spirit of Claret School of Quezon CityScientia Maxime cum Virtute