Message and Blessing
Pasasalamat 2019
22 February 2019
Claret Auditorium
Fellow members of the administration especially those in the Grade School Unit headed by Mr. Danilo Lemi, the Grade School Principal, faculty and staff, parents and relatives of the Grade 6 students, dear Grade 6 Claretians, good afternoon.
Gratitude fills the heart as the plenitude of blessings is remembered. There is no end to that journey of counting one’s blessings because the immensity of God’s love that helps us grow unceasingly is immeasurable. With grateful hearts, then, we see in you dear Grade 6 Claretians, the reality of God’s goodness and love.
As you have been blessed with the opportunity to grow here in Claret School of Quezon City during your younger years before transitioning to teenage life, may you look back at the many events of your life as moments of grace. God has been accompanying you all throughout these years through the presence of your parents, teachers and good friends. The grace of God is experienced in the lively encounter with people who are God’s images to you. 
Together with you, we are altogether grateful to God. Remember that the blessings you have received do not stop in you. These should continue to flourish as you continue to share your life in service to others. When I asked one of you why he wanted to be a priest and a missionary, he said “I am so blessed that I have to share God’s blessings to others by serving others in a very special way.” It is my joy to hear that among you there is that “sense of goodness”, or that “spirit of sharing” that permeates your hearts even amidst a world that is tempted to egoism.
Keep this Claretian spirit alive as you face the road ahead. Never forget that the Blessed Mother who continues to care for you and who has prayed for you and with you during your grade school years will accompany you with the love of her Son Jesus. Keep growing with charity.
As we join you in your thanksgiving, kindly bow down dear Claretians as we invoke God’s blessings on you: May the Lord in His mercy and generosity bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine upon you and be gracious to you! May the Lord look upon you and all your loved ones kindly and give you His peace! Amen.
March on dear Claretians with Christ! God bless you all.