Members of the School Administration, teachers and staff, the Senior High School Community especially the Batch Q, dear parents and guests, good afternoon.

Transitions are important dynamics in our life as these bring about growth and development. In natural science, these transitions are observable in various stages of life. The dynamism that is embedded in every transition is a manifestation of vibrancy that may inevitably cause tension. But such tension is a necessary tension that potentially creates new dynamism, new product, or even new creation.

One of these tensions include “goodbyes and hellos”. While “goodbyes and hellos” are naturally intertwined with life movement, there is a chill or a puncture that may arise in bidding farewell and welcoming new horizons. It may not be easy to say “goodbye” when we know that it may take some time to move on especially because the realities we had yesterday and today may never be the same tomorrow. Likewise, it may not be very comfortable to say “hello” when we never know what happens next in a world tempted to live in the temporary.

Time element is expedient in a dynamic tension.  We move within a 24-hour period in varied time zones. Yet we are not suppose to rush in our goodbyes and hellos but remain constant in the fundamental truth of life transitions—God is with us.

God remains amidst the stirrings of life. Keep that as the source of your consolation and inspiration, dear Batch Q. As you strive more beyond what you have and who you are right now, remain in God who remains in you, because He will keep You in His heart where the real score of success is imprinted forever. While you remain in the Lord, keep ablaze the spirit of what  you have embraced here in Claret School of Quezon City—that “knowledge is best with virtue.”

All the best! Mabuhay kayong lahat.