Message and Blessing
Pasasalamat 2018
2 March 2018
Claret Auditorium
Fellow members of the administration especially those in the Grade School Unit headed by Mr. Danilo Lemi, the Grade School Principal, faculty and staff, parents and relatives of the Grade 6 students, dear Grade 6 Claretians, good afternoon.
There must be joy and excitement as you take the last few steps along the journey of your Grade School life. Such joy and excitement are embedded in your act of thanksgiving for you know very well that you have been blessed with the presence of people who have journeyed with you and with the many opportunities for growth that have been given to you. There may have been challenges that you faced in your journey but you have remained steadfast in your desire to move on with knowledge and virtue.
The journey in the past may have outlined your journey in the future but never forget that from the past to the present and to the future you have to keep the zeal that has marked your lives as Claretians. You are Claretians not merely because of the uniform that you wear but because of the character of your lives that spring from your hearts and minds that have been formed and transformed by our maxim: Knowledge is best with virtue.
Keep this Claretian spirit alive as you face the road ahead. Never forget that St. Anthony Mary Claret who has prayed for you and with you during your grade school years will accompany you with his love. Keep the charity ablaze as you have constantly embraced to know, love and serve the Lord.
As we join you in your thanksgiving, kindly bow down dear Claretians as we invoke God’s blessings on you: May the Lord in His mercy and generosity bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine upon you and be gracious to you! May the Lord look upon you and all your loved ones kindly and give you His peace! Amen.
March on dear Claretians with Christ!
God bless you all.