Junior and Senior Nursery Distance Education Plan

The Child Study Center (CSC) Nursery classes will use Modules. The Modules, which will be offered on a monthly basis, were crafted based on different themes to enable students to experience joyful and holistic learning. The Modules include lessons, printed materials, and hands-on activities. Students will be engaged in a 20 to 30 minutes virtual session 3 times a week. Each virtual class will start with a check-in and a circle time where they sing and dance to help them adjust to the new “school set-up”.

The storytelling sessions will help develop children’s love for reading and encourage them to communicate to other people. Math sessions will help develop numeracy skills. Through routines and values formation activities, the development of life skills will be emphasized. Fun Friday sessions will be held to ensure a holistic learning experience where the students participate in Arts and Crafts, Music and Movement, Practical Life Skills and Physical Activities.

Morning sessions will be held at 9:00 - 9:30 AM while the afternoon sessions will be held at 1:30 - 2:00 PM.

Classes will be divided into small groups to enable teachers to provide the individual needs of the students. Big group sessions are scheduled on Fridays so that students can socialize and interact with their peers.

During asynchronous/offline learning sessions where adult supervision is needed, enrichment activities will be provided to ensure that mastery of skills is achieved. This is also a great opportunity for parent-child bonding which is essential in the formative years of the children.

Collaboration between and among teachers and parents is vital in the development of a child. Hence, there is a need for consultation hour. During consultation time, parents can confer with teachers regarding their concerns and at the same time teachers can give feedback regarding student academic and non-academic progress.

There are seven (7) Modules for the whole school year with twelve (12) meetings per module. Parents may opt to enroll their child for the whole school year or per Module (monthly or two weeks before the start of each module). Parents are given the option to pay per module for flexibility in case a student finds difficulty in coping up with the new learning scheme.


Moving up fees and yearbook will only be charged if the student has completed all the Modules which enable him/her to move to the next level.


GS Principal


Approved by:

School Director
No Tuition Increase and Up to 40% Reduction on Other Fees
A. 1st Module - Immediately upon enrolment
Tuition Fee  7,500.00
School ID  375.00
Insurance  175.00
Total  8,050.00 


B. Succeeding installments
Second Module August 30, 2020  7,500.00
Third Module September 30, 2020  7,500.00
Fourth Module October 15, 2020  7,500.00
Fifth Module November 30, 2020  7,500.00
Sixth Module January 30, 2021  7,500.00
Seventh Module February 28, 2021  7,500.00


  C. Upon Successful Completion
Moving Up February 28, 2021  700.00
Yearbook February 28, 2021  1,800.00


TOTAL 47,500.00


TOTAL   55,550.00



  1. School clinic will provide online consultation (messenger, viber, video calls, landline, cellphone) to address concerns of parents, regular updates on health issues and guidelines
  2.  CSQC will provide library and research databases from EBSCO and Online Britannica for use by both our students and teachers. EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, e-books and subscriptions for academic libraries, a company which originated from the United States.
  3.  Computer, offered as a subject will require use of application software like Adobe Photoshop Pro that are very expensive.                                                                                              
  4.  MS365 will be used as the Learning Management Platform. This includes also the cost of internet, software programs, digital facilities and supplies to be used by the faculty and upgrading of servers.         
  5.  These are audios, videos, graphics, photos, animations, learning packets and modules digitally formatted and downloadable and other printed materials and modules.
  6.  Virtual robotics software will be provided for the robotics classes.
  7.  This will cover the cost of diploma, diploma jackets, graduation program, stole for Gr12, and medals.