We have entered the second week of Lent and we continue to journey with hearts and minds renewed as we face the Transfigured Christ.

Taking the journey towards the mountain of transfiguration means taking the higher ground of living. Living with excellence is to challenge ourselves  to go for more, beyond the ordinary.

We have to keep in mind that this journey is not at all easy.  Hence, we need to live in communion with others. The presence of significant people in our lives helps us grow with their inspiration and guidance. Likewise, we have to live with the memory of the past. The living traditions that have brought us to where we are today continue to embolden us to remain true to our identity as we push ourselves towards excellence. Further, to reach the higher ground, we need to live in obedience ---constantly listening to God’s promptings and integrating  His will in our lives so that “it is no longer we who live, but Christ may live in us.”

May we all find this Lenten Journey as a moment to climb the mountain of the Lord.