The first days of February have been marked by the memory of the Claretian Martyrs, the foundation day of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), and the World Day of Consecrated Life. In all these celebrations, the spirit of martyrdom, the mark of catholicity, and the life of consecration are all intertwined in the Claretian identity. It is, then, indispensable to keep these fundamental aspects along our journey as a Claretian community.

The work that we do, the challenges that we face, and the issues that we address may be too much to bear during these times; but for the reason that we remain consecrated to God with the inspiration of the Claretian Martyrs, we live our identity as Claretians and as faithful Catholics without any fear and regret. There are more reasons for us to continue our life journey with zeal and dedication especially when we know we are a community.

May Jesus, the light and glory of the people, continue to accompany us.

Scientia maxime cum virtute