Robotics has been a part of the extracurricular offerings for Claret students in the past. But beginning this school year (2018-2019), it will be integrated within the computer subject as part of the curriculum in the Grade School Unit. Thus, to further develop the students’ critical, analytical and logical thinking skills, a new Grade School Robotics Laboratory was established.



The new robotics laboratory was designed in partnership with Felta multi-Media, Inc. headed by Ms.  Mylene Abiva. The state-of-the art lab is equipped with a 55” LED smart television, tables and chairs designed to develop teamwork ,and functional cabinets. The students will also use 10” computer notebooks with specially designed stylus and magnifier, a Lego EV3 Core Set , and books.

On July 9, the new robotics lab was blessed by  Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF,  the school director. The ribbon cutting ceremony was headed by Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF,  the school administrator and was assisted by Dr.  Susana P. Quiaoit , the PTA Executive Board President. The   momentous event was also witnessed by members of the school administration, some teachers, parents and other school personnel.


Cutting of Ribbon. School Administrative Council, Robotics Teachers, PTA President and representative from Felta multi-Media, Inc.


Claret School of Quezon City is committed in providing quality education to its  students through quality teachers who use quality instructional materials and who are adept with the latest technology. The blessing of the new Robotics lab is just a proof of this continuing commitment.