The CSC Kinder level held The Community Helpers Day last April 1, 2022, as a venue to express their gratefulness and appreciation to the different community helpers. CSQC takes pride in the awareness of the roles and the importance of the community helpers among the young students. Wearing their community helper-inspired costumes, they radiated positivity, joy, and hope. Their costumes were made more special with the 3-dimensional tool which the students painted for their Art Performance Task Project.

Invited resource speakers shared their experiences and skills in the field of their expertise. Rev. Fr. Julius Jose Coching, CMF, had a storytelling session sharing his mission and encouraging the students to be guided by the Word of God. Ms. Annabelle L. Ebol, a teacher and a professional choreographer, led the students in an interactive dance activity to promote health, wellness, and artistic expression. Mrs. Sara Mathay-Santiago, the mother of a Kinder student, demonstrated simple baking skills and tools while instructing the students on how to prepare a healthy snack.

These various activities further enhanced the acquired skills and the value of cooperation among the young Claretians.

This year has never been easy, but the Kinder students proved that all things are worth trying and doing. Everything turned out well with determination, patience, prayers and with the unwavering support from their parents and learning companions at CSQC.

Claret School of Quezon City hopes that the inspiration to serve and do good for others will continue to prosper as these Kinder students grow up  and live up to the Claretian and Christian values as they continuously  pursue academic excellence.