The beginning of classes for SY 2021-2022 were made more interactive online with the gathering of students through the virtual campus of Claret School of Quezon City powered by Microsoft. The student assemblies by level or by larger groups were possible through the MS Teams Meeting or Live Event.

Last August 4, 2021 the Grade School Unit held the student assemblies by grade level. In the High School Unit, the Junior High School General Assembly was held last August 5 while the Senior High School students had their assembly last July 30.

During the student assemblies, the Claretian students were warmly ushered to take the journey in the new school year with messages of inspiration from the School Director and from the Principal in each unit. In the spirit of community, the members of the Administrative Council, the unit administrators, and the members of the faculty were introduced to the students.

In order that the students may have a good grasp of what is in store for them in the new school year, the Assistant Principals discussed the different academic and non-academic programs in the unit. Short video clips on the formation and support services provided by the Student Development Center (SDC), the Instructional Media Center (IMC) and the Faith Education and Enrichment Department (FEED) were also presented to the students.


Towards the end of each student assembly, questions from the students were answered live. Clarifications were also made to ensure proper navigation through the CODE this school year 2021-2022.

The said assemblies were signs of assurance that the students shall be accompanied in their journey of learning and that they shall keep the blaze of hope amidst the challenges of a full online education in a pandemic set-up.