Three Claretian alumni took part in the recently held Grade 11 Career Talk Online. Joining the Grade 11 students last March 1, 2021 via MS Teams Meeting, Dr. Giancarlo R. Europa, a Spine and Orthopaedic Surgeon from HS Batch 1999, talked about the Medicine profession. Law and Architecture were explored with Atty. Marc Angelo S. Virtucio, a Lawyer-Architect from HS Batch 2005. Mr. John Paul Lanot, a successful Restaurateur from HS Batch 1999, shared his life experiences on Business.

Spearheaded by the Grade 11 PTA and the Student Development Center, the said activity led the students in Grade 11 to a reflection on possible options for future commitments to serve the country and the world.

The said activity was a learning opportunity for the Claretian students to prepare themselves for College and for their career paths. While students are given the motivation to study well for the future, they are also given insights on values they have to embrace as they create their personal vision. The support that the students need from their parents and their elder Claretian brothers was evident through this activity thus inspiring the young Claretians reach their career goals with hope.