Despite the many challenges during these trying times, the Faith Education and Enrichment Department (FEED), which is the School’s pastoral arm, continues to provide pastoral service to the students, parents and personnel this school year 2020-2021. Guided by the Catholic and formative objectives of the Institution and in close collaboration with the Claretian Missionaries, the FEED programs have to be recalibrated to adjust to the present situation.

Thus, for the current school year, the pastoral project of the FEED shall focus on three key areas of spiritual formation namely:

  1. reclaiming the Claretian spiritual heritage particularly focused on the life of the Father Founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret;
  2. engaging the faith-life sensitivities of students, their sense of the sacred, familial rapport and ecclesial identification in the varying stages of their developmental growth; and
  3. intensifying the biblical formation of teachers and students as a feature that will color their religious instruction and learning.


To carry out its pastoral project, the department had to rethink the relevance, reposition its activities and reimagine its pastoral ministry relative to the formative offering of the School with these activities:

  1. Primo Sabato- observance of the first Saturday Holy Eucharist devotion;
  2. Daily Gospel-providing daily scriptural texts and corresponding reflections for each day;
  3. Of Water and Fire-providing seminar materials on First Communion and Confirmation orientation for students and parents;
  4. Class Recollections-making available modified recollection modules fit for each grade level;
  5. Integration Day- Claretian Spirituality and biblical formation for CSQC personnel;
  6. Charismatic Formation CLE OGF-a monthly gathering of the Spiritual Director, members of the FEED and CLE teachers for the purpose of getting more familiar with the life of St. Anthony Mary Claret through his autobiography;
  7. Gather around the Word- providing bible sharing guides for all school personnel;
  8. Forged in the Life of the Founder- a serialized exposition of the significant events in the life of Father Claret with integration questions;
  9. Claret in his own words- a serialized exposition of Father Claret’s spiritual intuitions; and
  10. Celebrate your Faith- providing orientation materials about the calendar of the Church and Claretian Feast days.

With the FEED’s continuing pastoral program, Claret School of Quezon City ensures that the spiritual well-being of each member of the School community is of utmost importance despite the challenges brought about by virtual engagement.