With the shift to online learning through the Claret Operative Distance Education (CODE), the School decided to use Microsoft Office 365 as its platform. In partnership with RAKSO-CT which is a creative technology company and a licensed provider of MS Office, all administrators, teachers and support staff underwent a training program on the use of MS Office 365. A Technical Working Group from among the teachers and staff was also established as expert guides on the use of MS Office. 

To acquaint the parents and students on the platform, an onboarding orientation for parents was held last July 25 and the onboarding for students was conducted from August 3-10.  RAKSO-CT and the School’s Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) closely collaborated to ensure assistance to the end-users of MS Office 365.

With the channels created through Microsoft Teams and the help desk manned by RAKSO-CT and the ICTO, assistance is being offered to help adapt to this new platform. Parents, too, have been  more than willing to help one another in navigating through MS Office 365.

As witnessed, partnership and collaboration within and outside the School among all stakeholders have been the most essential elements to access the CODE.