Another fun-filled activity was recently held during the CSC Fun Games last January 24. The Junior and Senior Nursery students played different games which showcased their fine and gross motor skills, speed and accuracy. The participants enthusiastically played and accomplished the different courses of the games. The well-planned games challenged the 3 and 4-year-old students as they crawled, walked over the stepper, ran, and picked-up toys which they truly enjoyed with their supportive classmates and teachers.

 On the same day, the Kindergarten students had their turn to release their overflowing energy through the games prepared by the Physical Education Teachers. The students jumped over hurdles, crawled under bars and run as fast as they could to complete the course of the different relay games. They exerted so much effort pulling the rope to win over their opponent during the Tug-of-War Game. The very competitive and energetic participants were very proud of what they have contributed and achieved in all the games.

 Truly, the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork prevailed among the young Claretians and the teachers as well. All were delighted for the wonderful experience and memories made during the Fun Games.