Annually, the Grade School Unit holds a 3-day event in which the different subject areas provide enjoyable, stimulating, and purposeful academic activities for the students to partake in. Calendared on the last month of the academic year, March, most of the activities of the event aim to display the students’ acquired knowledge and skills. Students also expand their peer-to-peer interaction, strengthening the sense of collaboration. This year’s Academics Fair theme is ExCEL: Excellent Claretians Eager to Learn. It hopes to empower the students to achieve further academic excellence through diversified means.


The Science and Mathematics areas provided a series of games that would require groups of students to work together, solve, strategize, and generate accurate responses. The games gave them opportunities   to demonstrate skills acquired from the two subject areas.  Members of the HandoG Math and Science Programs were trained to facilitate this activity in   the lower levels.


 For Robotics, students from Grades Five and Six provided a demo of the robots to the students in the lower levels. The young Claretians were able to program their robots to perform different actions. This was an opportunity to further enrich the   students’ critical, analytical, and logical thinking skills.

We’ve been stung by a bee! The Language Area hosted a Spelling Bee wherein qualified students per level showed their vocabulary and word prowess. Varied words that the students might have come across by reading books and other print materials, by watching movies, words which they have heard during  conversations, or simply got curious about were spelled. It showed how knowledgeable Claretians are with words!

 The General Information Quiz   was facilitated   by the Reading Area. The participants were to recall acquired learnings from the different subject areas.


 An art workshop for the lower levels was given by the Grade Six boys. Each section from the grade six level were assigned to handle a lower level in this activity. The Art and HELE areas’ aim were to: unleash creativity, and interact meaningfully through art. This activity became more significant and student-centered to the graduating class because it was given as a Performance Task.

 The Filipino Area invited a very animated story-teller to have the students listen and value stories written in Filipino. Students were also reminded of the treasured Filipino values that can be learned through the stories.

 Students worked in teams to come up with a beautiful prayer. The Christian Living Education Area asked the students to be creative and reflective at the same time. It was both a creative and reflective moment to give praise to God.

 The Physical Education Area initiated two physically challenging activities. For the intermediate level, the students moved and grooved to upbeat sounds   in a Zumba workout session. For the primary level, the counterpart of Intramural Games was done. The Fun Games was a chance for the students to apply kinesthetic skills.

 The Music Area annually holds a singing contest called “Music Fest.” This year, it was made part of the Academics Fair. Students were categorized by level and showed their vocal talents on stage. Claretians truly give their finest performance whenever, wherever. The judges were former Claretians who share the same passion in singing, and were champions themselves.

 Community helpers, ethnic and cultural groups, and local government unit officers paid the students a visit. They   talked about what they do,  who they are, and their contribution to the community. The importance of preserving and learning about Philippine History was discussed to fortify the students’ sense of nationalism. Mr. Jules Guiang, an alumnus and now a morning show host gave a talk on Media Literacy to the students.  These informative activities were made possible by the Araling Panlipunan Area.

 Apart from the major activities provided, minor classroom activities were also given to maximize the time allotted for this event.

 Those three days were packed with a wide variety of learning opportunities and became a venue to exhibit student’s wit. The Academics Fair may have passed but the learnings and experiences will surely linger in the hearts and minds of every Claretian.