Life in the Grade School builds the foundation of our education. It is in this stage that we learn basic knowledge and enhance life skills and develop relationships with others. Everyone we encounter in our Grade School life has a role in nurturing us during this period: our teachers, school administrators and staff, also our parents and guardians of our schoolmates and not to forget our fellow students. To all these people, we are very grateful.

Last February 22, 2019, we, the Grade 6 students of Claret School of Quezon City had our Pasasalamat, an annual tradition meant to thank the people who have helped us through the years. By 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, the auditorium was already filled with excited parents waiting to see their sons perform. The program started with a prayer, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. It was followed by the opening remarks from Mr. Danilo V. Lemi, and a message from Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF. Afterwards the main attraction began. Each Grade 6 section and some selected students put on marvelous performances, recalling important milestones such as our student days at the CSC, our first Holy Communion, the Intramural Games and our field trips. Finally, all the sixth graders delivered a touching song performance thanking all the people who have supported us. This was followed by the ceremonial turnover of responsibility from the Grade 6 presidents to the Grade 5 presidents.

The students were quite surprised when the teachers were called for their own performance. The message from them encourages us to work hard so that we can be successful in life. The Pasasalamat ended with a message from Mrs. Claire l. Berja, the Grade 6 Level PTA President and with an inspiring message from Rev. Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF, the School Director.

Pasasalamat 2019 definitely achieved its goal and much more. All the students and teachers worked hard for it. The teachers and parents appreciated it and we, the Sixth Graders had fun doing it. It was truly the best possible means of showing our gratefulness and appreciation to our fellow Claretians, to our teachers and parents and to the whole Claretian community.