For broader, reliable and credible resources, Claret School of Quezon City Instructional Media Center now offers the EBSCOhost databases for the students and teachers. EBSCOhost is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service to libraries. CSQC has availed the EBSCO K12 Package with eBooks with full-text reference resources that includes three databases: Advanced Placement Source, MAS Ultra School Edition, and eBook Subscription High School Collection.

Advanced Placement Source covers a wide array of subject areas from the arts and multicultural studies to STEM subjects and offers students the essential research materials to achieve academic success.

 MAS Ultra School Edition contains full text for popular high school magazines covering a wide-range of subject areas including history, science, careers, and more. It also includes full-text biographies, primary source documents, reference books, an image collection containing photos, maps, flags and color PDFs and expanded full-text backfiles (back to 1921) for key magazines.

eBook Subscription High School Collection contains more than 10,000 e-books that support quality learning experience across all academic subject areas, including history, language, literature, science and technology. Content includes a selection of classic literary works, important historical documents and general reference materials.

Research databases provide users articles on popular subject from many different publications at the same time. It is also useful in finding updated information since the production of the printed materials may take at least three to five years.

EBSCOhost provides us authoritative, accurate, current, and credible references that are not readily available through search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

The EBSCOhost databases can be accessed from the library’s website at . It is free for the library users and can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection.