On January 12, 2019, the Child Study Center had its fun-filled Family Day with the theme “CSC Mini Olympics 2019: #OneInSpirit”. The event truly showed camaraderie and unity among the families of the CSC students as they attended the paraliturgy, watched level performances, and participated in the games.

 The occasion began with a paraliturgy which  was presided by Rev. Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF  (School Administrator)during which Fr. Santiago reminded the kids of the “exciting, wonderful thing that happened on Christmas: Mary and Joseph had a baby! But this wasn’t just any baby, He was Baby Jesus! The creator of the whole world, the King of Kings, and the one who would save the world.”

 After the celebration of the liturgy, the students showcased their talent in dancing  as they interpreted  different FIFA theme songs. Games immediately followed  with the   video of  Scottie Thompson’s oath of sportsmanship.

 The parents enjoyed playing with their kids during the games.  Raffle prizes and special awards were also given at the end of the activity.

 The entire event was  marked with communal spirit as families enjoyed the activities .