Last October 10, 2018 students from different schools gathered at the activity center of  Fishermall in Quezon City for the 1st Philippine Robotics Excel Olympiad in partnership with the 17th Philippine Robotics Olympiad (PRO) and Felta Multimedia Inc.

Some grade school students of Claret School of Quezon City joined the WeDo 2.0 competition; one team for the Open Category and two teams for the Regular Category. The WeDo 2.0 Open Category team won 2nd Place in the competition. The team is composed of Rafael Manuel F. Tagle, John Denver M. Mendoza ( Gr. 5) and Gabriel V. Manalo ( Gr.4).

The team was able to show the importance of using robot technology in farming specifically in Philippine setting. They introduced three mechanized robots namely: Juan Sipag which is a multitasker robot that can plow, plant, harvest and transport rice to the market. It can also act as scarecrow and it is powered by solar energy. Tina Tubigan is a robot dam which serves as an irrigation system powered by a windmill. It supplies water into the farmland and is a source of water for the farm animals. Gina Gilingan is a robot that handles the rice milling process. It has a conveyor belt which carries the rice to its milling area and transfers the milled rice into an elevated temperature-controlled warehouse which protects the rice from getting wet during the rainy or typhoon season.

The project presentation was   made possible and successful through the collaborative effort of the students, teachers, parents and other school personnel. Even though the other teams for the Regular Category were not able to make it to the final round, they did their best as well during the competition.