Advent reminds us of our preparation for the coming of the Lord who desires in His great mercy to dwell with us and among us. In memory of His birth, we join the people of Israel in their anticipation of His first coming. Likewise, we continue to prepare for the coming of His Kingdom in the fullness of time. Everyday, too, we have to prepare for His visitation especially as we receive Him in the Sacraments.

 As we prepare our hearts and our lives for the Lord, we are called to be vigilant at all times. We have to be vigilant in hope knowing that the God who has made a covenant with us remembers “His promise of mercy” and will bring to fulfillment His holy reign. Such hopeful vigilance will allow us to see the little signs of God’s work of salvation and blessing in the ordinary moments of life giving us the inspiration to glorify Him without ceasing.

 There is also a need to be vigilant in holiness especially as we are tempted by worldly allurements. Let us affirm one another with the goodness that each one has and accompany one another in multiplying the little good that we do. In so doing, we shall be able to conquer the evil in our midst and the power of goodness will shine even as darkness seems pervasive.

 Further, we have to be vigilant with courage and not fall into the trap of fear because the Lord who dialogues with us in prayer gives us the strength to face the dark power in our midst. His power is far greater than the power of tyrants. We join Mary in her Magnificat as she claims “He has cast down the mighty from their thrones, and has lifted up the lowly.”

 During this advent, may we be blessed with the vigilance we need so as to behold the light that will lead us to Jesus.

 May the Blessed Mary, ever-Virgin, journey with us as we remain vigilant to welcome her Son.