The CSQC Perpetual Endowment Fund (the “Fund”) shall be created to support the school's initiatives, including scholarships for deserving individuals and enrichment programs for its faculty, among others. 

As a perpetual endowment, the principal amount to be raised shall remain intact and money earned from investing the principal shall be used for various school initiatives. This way, the Fund becomes a constant and perpetual support to the institution.

The target amount to be raised for the Fund is 100 million PhP by 2025, with the seed funding of 1.5 million PhP to be donated by Batch Dawn 2005 Alumni Association, Inc. from the proceeds of the Ibarra Jubilee Watch Project.

Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez CMF, the founding Director of Claret School of Quezon City, proudly displaying his very own Claret Jubilee Watch, with Serial No. 001. 

Let's support the Jubilee Watch Project! 


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