As an immediate response to the need for information dissemination and to assure preparedness among the members of the School community regarding the COVID-19, a series of assemblies were held last February 4 and February 7 which were facilitated by the School Clinic.

Mr. Delfin Publico, the School Clinic Coordinator talked to the students from CSC to Grade 10 about the Corona Virus Disease. He explained what coronavirus is, its symptoms and how it is spread. He reminded everyone to keep healthy by presenting the DOH warnings into terms students could understand. He also gave contextual examples to help them remember. After a question-and-answer session, he ended each talk with a video demonstrating the proper way to wash one’s hands. For Grades 11-12, the orientation was done by the advisers in the classrooms.

The School is doing its part to ensure a safe and healthy physical environment. Classroom windows and doors are left open in the morning for ventilation, and classrooms have been provided with alcohol. The School’s information campaign includes a DOH infographic about the COVID-19 in each grade level bulletin board as well as the Clinic, and there are reminders to wash hands in each washroom. Further, the School shall conduct body temperature check to all persons entering the campus.

All students are also reminded to bring their own food kit (reusable food/drink containers and utensils), to provide their own hygiene kit (soap, alcohol, disinfectant, and mask) for everyday use, and to do their part to keep the campus clean.