From among 26 Claretian students who joined the qualifying round of Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz Year 9, 23 students qualified for the final round last Saturday, November 24, 2018. A total of 128 students from different schools in Metro Manila competed for fifty difficult questions about history, culture and current events.  After the written exams, only 30 students passed for the last stage of the competition which is the oral defense round.


Thirteen students of Claret School were among the 30 finalists:

Noa Moises Elias Amor  5- Compassion
Titus Matthew Pulido 5- Humility
Noah Austria 5- Humility
Wilric Martinez 6- Apostolic
Paolo Vanguardia 6- Apostolic
Gilbert Emmanuel Mendoza 6- Biblical
Martin Uriel Guinto 6-Biblical
James Martin Bayhon 6-Charismatic
Rayjohn Raphael Oflaria 6-Eucharistic
Earl Agsaoay 6-Marian
Miguel Francisco Cansanay 6-Marian
Benjamin Adrian  Yamzon    6-Marian
Jan Michael Rojas            6-Marian


   After the first round of oral defense, the contestants were trimmed down to top ten where 5 Claretian students stood out:  

Silver Medal  Noa Moises Elias Amor
Bronze Medal  Rayjohn  Raphael Oflaria
First Honorable Mention Miguel Francisco Cansanay
Third Honorable Mention Jan Michael Rojas
Top Ten Finalist James Martin Bayhon


   This year’s run is a record-breaking win for the Claretians in the Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz Year 9 which was held at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Building  in Intramuros, Manila. This competition is commissioned by Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement, Inc. (Kilusang Kayumanggi), aimed to preserve, promote, and enhance the Filipino cultural and historical heritage among   elementary students.


   The Kulturang Pinoy Movers of Claret School is under the mentorship of Mr. Rommel R. Manikan, Grade 4 Level Leader/AP Teacher and Mrs. Sheryl R. Tarnate, AP Area Coordinator. The team is grateful to all the parents, the   Grade Four Level Teachers and Area Coordinators,   the Grade School Unit Administrators, for all the support and cooperation throughout the training. The team offers this achievement to the entire school community. CHEERS!