The Claret Child Study Center held a launching activity last July 27, 2018 in line with the Nutrition Program of the school and the celebration of Nutrition Month with the theme “Ugaliing magtanim, Sapat na nutrisyon aanihin!”. This activity aimed  to promote awareness of the different nutritious food and to develop healthy eating habits among CSC students.

It started with a parade around the school campus wherein students showcased their fruit headdresses. Some headdresses were made of folders and cut-out pictures of fruits and vegetables. Others decorated a buri hat with  plastic fruits and vegetables while  others prepared their headdresses using paper folding art. The students and teachers happily participated  as they were cheered  by the community.


A short talk was given by Ms. Lornalie G. Cangayda, RN, the school nurse and explained the importance of the celebration.  She  shared information about nutritious food  which  belong to the “Go, Glow, and Grow” food groups. She also emphasized the importance of healthy eating habits.


The event ended with the announcement of the students with the most creative headdresses. The judges selected the best headdress from every section and the students were given prizes to recognize their efforts. It is hoped that this activity will encourage them to eat the right kind of food in order to become healthy individuals.