Fun Friday is a day all CSC students look forward to. Held last February 21, 2020, the Fun Friday was a special learning day on three interrelated themes: mathinik, arts and crafts, and cooking. With the teachers presenting and elaborating the themes, the kids enjoyed the key learnings on Math through Arts and Crafts and Cooking.

To make the day more engaging, Atty. Maria Karen Joy Adreneda Filio, one of the parents, was tapped as a resource speaker. She spent the day with the CSC students as she shared her time and talent in food preparation. As a mom, Atty. Filio enjoys preparing baon for her two children in Claret School. She wants her kids to eat healthy food which she usually makes trough bento meal.

The students also had a chance to decorate their own cupcakes and banana on sticks. Through this  activity, they were able to have a firsthand experience of the three themes for the day. It was indeed another productive and enjoyable day for the students through  learning  by  doing.