As part of the recent Paalam program of Batch Siklab entitled “Sandali”, Mrs. Razerly Ibañez, the High School Principal, took time to express her heartwarming recognition of the Claretian students’ remarkable contributions to the School Community. The following is an excerpt of her message to the Batch Siklab Claretians:


You named your batch Siklab because you recognize that fire in your heart inspired by our patron, St. Anthony Mary Claret. Your passion, energy, and brilliance enable you to collaborate, to negotiate, to problem-solve, to communicate your purposes, to move on despite difficulties, to follow and to lead.


Allow me to acknowledge your important efforts that made our school a place where healthy collaboration brings out the best in you:


The Central Board of Students for your leadership and efforts to organize the Gr. 7 Salubong 2019, and the World Teachers’ Day activities; for your participation in the 52nd Foundation Day, and the 61st CMLI Annual National Convention in Baguio City;


The Claret Hataw for sharing your talents and being recognized in the Chosen Ground 15 organized by the UP Streetdance Club, and the Dance Surge 4 Inter High School Competition;


The Claret Vocal Ensemble for your outstanding performance as Grand Finalist in the National Intersecondary Schools Choral Singing Competition;


The Tanglaw ng Claret for organizing the Keep Elevating Workshop on Photography, and the Pag-aalab Seminar-Workshop


Your engagement in sports through: Badminton- the MVP National Juniors Cup, the Quezon City Athletic Association Badminton Tournament, the Kings Montessori Cup, and the Interschool Badminton League tournament;


In football - for being finalist in the Rizal Football Association tournament; for the championship in the Athletic Association of Private Schools tournament, and 2nd Place in the DepEd Palarong Pambansa Division Meet;


In basketball – for competing for 2nd place in the Athletic Association of Private Schools, and in the Philippine Athletic Youth Association tournaments (before the DepEd suspension of games);


For sharing your talents in the Concert for a Cause, and in the Family Day Concert; and for organizing the Student Booths during the 52nd Foundation Day;


For applying your communicative competence, problem-solving skills, and collaboration in the Claret Model United Nations during the Literacy Week;


For your creative outputs and showcase of talents and skills in the Buwan ng Wika, and the Bible Week celebrations;


For your organizational and entrepreneurial skills through the Enterpreneurship Bazaars you have organized;


And, your creative expression of your passions and sensibilities, and your flair for language through the literary folios you have produced namely: La Luna and of course, the Tanglaw issues you have produced.


Let me also recognize your outstanding performance and participation in significant academic competitions and off-campus activities:


the Bridge Building Competition 2018, and the BrainMesh Inter-HS Quiz 2018: Calibrate – both sponsored by the UP College of Engineering; the 21st Philippine Mathematics Olympiad, the LIYAB 2018: 16th NCR Wide Journalism Press Conference, the CMLI Poetry Writing, the Diliman National Debate Open, National Championship in the 17th Philippine Robotics Olympiad, and ranking 17th out of 53 countries in the World Robot Olympiad held in Thailand; the National Youth Summit on Statistics, the UP NISMED Open Laboratory – in Math and Science, the PNU Prismo: 2nd PNU Inter-school Science and Mathematics Olympiad, the World Soil Day Quiz, the Philippine Biology Olympiad, and Doing Philosophy: Strategies and Techniques in the Practice of Philosophy.


Despite all the school requirements and amidst this day and age of constant distractions from social media, plus the many problems that beset our nation and our world, which undoubtedly impact your health of body and mind --- you persevered; you defended your research, carried out your final performance tasks, and completed your Work Immersion requirements, planned and organized this Paalam program, and performed in it --- still, emerging whole with your youthful energy and drive.


That, I think is the fire, the Siklab that fuels your passions. Empowering you brings out the excellence in you.


As you go out in the real world of university life, take that fire, that Siklab that will harness the energy, passion, and brilliance in you. Be the Claretian that is unpretentious and kind, active in influencing outcomes --- now and in the future. Never forget to gain inspiration and vigor from our guiding principle – our motto, Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute. All the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your years in Claret School will prove worthy only when they are used to serve a good purpose. Live out the Claretian values through ideas, words, and actions devoted to service.


All my best wishes and fervent prayers for your future endeavors.