CSQC High School Unit’s Goal

Claret School of Quezon City High School Unit is committed in the Christian formation of academically excellent students specializing in science, technology and business to become a community of disciples witnessing justice, peace and integrity of God’s creation towards social transformation.


CSQC-HSU Objectives

In the light of the HSU Goal, a Claretian high school student is expected to:

  • develop Claretian values through learning experiences, student activities, and faith formation programs;
  • apply life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, and information, media and technology skills in making intelligent life choices;
  • demonstrate good citizenship by being an active participant in nation building and in the promotion of our cultural heritage.


High School Unit Accreditation Status

The High School Unit received its formal accreditation by PAASCU on April 19, 1991. It was granted reaccreditation by the same organization in 1995, 2001, 2006, and 2011, in recognition of its continuous upgrading in the areas of instruction, faculty, school and community, administration, student services, student activity program, and facilities. In May 2017, the High School Unit was granted reaccreditation for another five years (until 2022) attesting to the high standard of education being offered by the unit. The High School Unit holds a Level II accreditation status.