The Claret Child Study Center is the youngest component of Claret School of Quezon City, Grade School Unit. It caters to both boys and girls with ages three to five years old. The Child Study Center is composed of the Junior Nursery, Senior Nursery and Kindergarten levels.

These three (3) levels are recognized as the first three (3) years of a child’s life away from home, Therefore, the curriculum provides experiences that are enjoyable as the home environment. Most of the activities are experiential and with maximum provisions for the development of creative and critical thinking, as well as self expression. The beginning skills for reading and writing,  and numbers concepts are best taught using the combined traditional and thematic approaches wherein the different areas of learning are integrated.



Academic excellence is the foremost objective of Claret CSC. Opened in June 2001 as the youngest addition to Claret School of Quezon City, the center started with a simple dream: to create a fun-filled learning environment favorable to the formative years of our children. Using the integrated approach in teaching, each subject area interrelates with one another using thematic units. We take pride in our slogan, “Learning is fun at CSC!” Guided free plays during Circle Time and Fun Fridays are essential components that provide a forum for the development of social and life skills, good habits and passion for learning.

Building God’s Kingdom is the ultimate vision of Claret CSC. As the children learn the alphabet, venture into science and numbers, dance their first steps, sing nursery rhymes, listen to storytelling, and do a lot more, they also learn family and community values. They develop psychomotor skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities that shape them into well-rounded young Claretians.

Christ's charity is the heart of CSC. Following the ideals of St. Anthony Mary Claret, the children imbibe the spirit of love, joy, peace, justice and compassion in the expression of our Claretian virtues: Compassion, Humility, Empowerment, Excellence, Respect for life and Service (C.H.E.E.R.S.)


Admission Age Cut-off Requirement SY: 2018 - 2019


Junior Nursery – Sept. 1, 2014  to  Aug. 31, 2015

Senior Nursery – Sept. 1, 2013  to  Aug. 31, 2014

Kinder    –  Sept. 1, 2012  to  Aug. 31, 2013

Grade1 –  Sept. 1, 2011  to Aug. 31, 2012




Session           Junior Nursery              Senior Nursery               Kinder

       Morning           7:45–10:15AM                7:45–10:30AM              7:30-11:30AM

    Afternoon          12:45–3:15PM                12:45–3:30PM              12:30–4:30PM